Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

“Cantaloop” (Flip Fantasia) by US3 is one of THE best 90s songs, ever. I dare you not to click this link and dance in your seat. It’s also the song that reminds me of the friend who inspired this post!

I love goal setting but I realized I don’t often share the process I’m embarking on with many people since I took a blogging hiatus a few years ago. One of my best friends is marrying a wonderful guy this October and I’m lucky enough to be in their wedding party. Layne and I met in 2003 when I was working in retail after I graduated college. We became fast friends bonding over our love of 90s music and shared outlooks on life. I only stayed at that job for 6 months until I landed a full-time position at the company I’ve been with for 13 years but our short time as co-workers solidified our friendship. She is one of those people who is up for trying anything and has supported me through every up and down in life over the years. I have refrigerator rights at her house (you know, let yourself into the house and feel free to grab something if you’re thirsty?). Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately? Lol) she also shares my struggle with weight-loss. This means together we’ve tried every diet, taken numerous fitness classes and lamented about clothing shopping for years. Since she got engaged to Jay (whom I totally adore for the record, he’s awesome and perfect for her) we’ve been focusing our efforts on shaping up for their wedding. Let’s be honest, nothing lights a proverbial fire more than looking hot at a wedding! Am I right?! (Also did you see my little play on words? Lights, fire, hot.I crack myself up. 😉 )

Our most recent fitness endeavor is taking a variety of classes at a studio affectionately known as my happy place, Studio Poise. In addition to offering a seriously great selection of classes ranging from cardio, Pilates, barre, Zumba, yoga to HiiT they also have the most amazing, supportive staff I’ve found anywhere. Layne and I are officially a dynamic duo because anytime we’re at the studio alone we get a quizzical look followed by “Where’s Sam”/ Where’s Layne?”. 🙂 Since finding this mecca of sweat and support I’ve been mentally driving towards the squad goal (don’t ask Layne what that is, she has no idea, lol) of looking as hot as I possibly can for her October 1 nuptials. Images of the sexy one-shoulder dress I’ll be rocking swirl in my head anytime I’m doing 42 pushups in a row or resisting the urge to make myself dessert. 

We’re now 7 months and 10 days away from the wedding and it feels somehow more real. This goal of mine has a deadline and while I really hate targeting a specific amount of weight to lose by a deadline (speaking from experience this can really drive me towards unhealthy behaviors just to meet the goal) I have something in mind I’d like to accomplish be the time that day rolls around. I’d like to be 100 pounds lighter than where I currently am.

Now if you’re anything like me you quickly did the math (read: grabbed a calculator) and saw that 100/7 = 14.2 … Which roughly equates to 3.5 pounds a week. It’s not an INSANE goal by any stretch, especially at my current weight and given my progress over the last few months. But, I’m hesitant to lock it in stone for fear I’ll make myself nuts just to prove to myself via this blog that I’m worthy. Eh, I’m being honest with you dear readers. Sometimes I’m crazy. 😉 

So while I mull over whether or not to hold myself to that number I will share a few pictures and a quote I’m using to fuel this goal! I’ll also be posting more about Team Cantaloop and our quest to slim down before the big day. ❤ 


Sam and Layne at the Paint Bah (said in Layne’s Boston accent, haha)


One of the adorable choices for our bridesmaids dress! Hello sexy, sparkly one shoulder!



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