Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)

I distinctly remember buying the 1999 CD single when this song came out. “Better Days” was the only tune I knew from Citizen King (and still is to this day) but it was hella catchy and it became something I referenced when I was having bad days. Today wasn’t necessarily a bad day but it just seemed fitting. Runners up included “Spinning” by Jack’s Mannequin and “Bicycle Song”  by Red Hot Chili Peppers 

One of my fitness bucket list items for a while has been to try a spin class. Now, just to set the stage I am most comfortable in a fitness class (words my 2011 self would be floored to hear!). Zumba, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, TRX!, Kettlebells. HiiT – you name it, I’ll take a class with you on it. So a spin class seemed like a natural fit right? Sure! This will be good!

(my current favorite meme):


My friend Meg (whom I have nicknamed Toasted Marshmallow because she has a tough exterior but the sweetest inside, love her) offered to take me to her Tuesday spin class taught by her friend Kim. Friends who support your goals are the kind of friends we all need!  Given I am a goal oriented person,  I had no doubt I would conquer this like I did TRX. I pulled up to the studio chatting on the phone with my BFF (Julie) with just a few spare minutes to meet Meg and set up. My parting words were “Wish me luck, I’ll totally own this! Text you later“.

Fast forward 31 minutes where I am calling her from the parking lot – in tears.

Turns out for as far as I have come, I did not own spin, it owned me. I lasted 15 mins (only 7 of which I was ACTUALLY spinning) henceforth known as “The Time Sam* Spun for 7 Mins”.  I can’t even articulate all the things that made the experience so miserable. But, given this is a blog I’ll try. I’m short (5’4″) and ALL booty / legs. My booty was very much not meant for those tiny seats. Like honestly, they are the size of the smallest sliver of a slice of pizza ever. Problem #1. Combine said fat ass with 70% of your weight being in your thighs/calves and it’s just disastrous. It took me forever to get in the bike and get “comfortable” (at no point was I ACTUALLY comfortable – but I kept telling myself I can do anything for 45 mins). Then once I was saddled in I couldn’t get past feeling like I was going to fall forward. Problem #2. Now we start spinning and I can’t seem to adjust to a place where I don’t feel like I’m about to be impaled by this fucking seat if I don’t fall forwards and go ass-over-tea kettle across the handle bars and into the adorable pregnant woman in front of me. Problem #3. And while I CAN stand I cannot stand AND peddle – how the hell are people this coordinated?!

I don’t consider myself to be a weak person – I can endure a lot of shit before I snap. Well, at minute 14 of being in this room I looked to my right and realized this jackass I dated was in the front row of spin class and the thoughts of this being the most miserable experience ever AND seeing him were enough. Fuck this, I’m out. I looked at Meg, mouthed I was sorry and I’d text her to grab dinner and I hightailed it out of the there. Also just for reference Kim was amazing – great at explaining things and very motivational. This awful experience is in no way a reflection on the teacher!

So I went to the parking lot and sobbed to Julie. Thank God for Julie. She assured me skinny people find spin hard – this isn’t just a fat chick thing. OK, good!

I drove over to the place Meg and I planned to grab dinner (sweet green – love their salads) and I was fortunate enough to catch the sunset from my car. The reason I love sunsets and sunrises so much is no matter how good or bad a day may be it always has a beginning and an end. I find that thought extremely comforting. Well, my day started great (barre belles class, breakfast with friends, great work meetings, exciting lunch meeting with my friend Nina) and ended with me in tears so I was rewarded with the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in a while – thanks Mother Nature!


So I came, I sorta spun, I did not conquer. But, I tried. And at this point in my life I’m happy I even tried. Oh and I’m SO sore. My poor ghetto booty has never been this sore (and I’ve taken many a Booty classes!). 😦

Onward and upward – there will be better days, where the bottom does not drop out. 🙂





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