The Secret of Life

I had so many songs to choose from when naming this blog but ultimately I had to go with the one that best sums up the person the post is dedicated to, my dad. He has taught me many secrets of life and I know he’s a big country fan so it’s a natural fit. Faith Hill’s “Secret of Life” is arguably one of her best songs. My favorite line “The secret of life is a good cup of coffee / The secret of life is keep your eye on the ball”.

I feel like I frequently talk about my mom and my brother on social media and in my blog but I rarely mention my dad; hence it’s about time for a post to honor the man I’m lucky enough to call my father. 🙂

If I was to sum my  Dad up I would say he is a recently retired fire fighter, loyal  Red Sox fan, very well-read, witty as hell and of course dashingly handsome (he is my dad, after all). He is the kind of person who hates BS, likes coffee flavored coffee, REFUSES to order a Venti/Grande/Tall (It’s a fucking large, call it a large) and has no use for things like tapas or charcuterie. He’s a straight shooter and always good for a laugh. Oh and don’t bother texting or emailing him – he’ll never reply. 😉


I found this photo on Flickr – someone in Somerville had taken it as an action shot during a fire. Please note the icicles hanging from dad’s moustache! #badass

Growing up we didn’t always see eye to eye but he ALWAYS supported me in my crazy ideas from being the editor of the newspaper in high school or starting a music fest despite a plethora of administrative nonsense in my way to  ultimately pursuing a career in a field a little outside of the norm. He always said you have to like what you do because you spend a lot of time at work. That was the truth.

He taught he how to drive (and is 100% responsible for my lead foot! ;)), he taught me that being a good person is more important than being well-liked and most importantly he taught me that if I don’t value myself in relationships or at work I can’t possibly expect my boyfriends / friends / bosses to value me. Dad is a “what you see is what you get” guy and that often times reminds me that I don’t need to over-complicate every situation (something I’m famous for doing).


Making silly faces because why not? 🙂

He’s the person who reads the directions  before building something (whereas I will just dump all the pieces out and hope for the best), he will check his math twice before cutting (fuck it, I’ll just cut and then whine if it’s not right) and he’ll always gather all the ingredients before he makes something (like his famous banana bread) whereas I much prefer to run around the kitchen screaming “OMFG where is the vanilla bean paste?!” (sidenote: if you bake please do yourself a favor and use vanilla bean paste in place of extract – the difference in flavor is amazing). He knows patience is a virtue while I think ‘hurry the fuck up’ should be a virtue. 🙂  He often reminds me that I should slow down….chill out….be patient. It’s qualities like these I hope I find in my future husband.

Thank you Dad for the life lessons that stuck with me, for being a no BS kind of guy and for always being up for anything from square dancing to helping me understand my 401k to driving up and down a highway road 43 times because I need perfect shots of highway lines for a school video. They don’t make ’em like you anymore! ❤



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