In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson became a favorite of mine in college. We did a group video project where we had to film a live musician and our friend Steve came to class and played an acoustic jack Johnson song (“Bubble Toes”) – I fell in love and bought anything Jack put out from that moment on. “In Between Dreams” is my favorite album of his and if I had to pick a favorite song it would be “Banana Pancakes” (though really cinnamon swirl pancakes from my favorite diner are my guilty pleasure). 😉

I’m a goal setter, a goal “digger” if you will (check out my new favorite workout tank from Etsy – so adorable!):


I do best when I have a series of goals / projects I’m engrossed in at any given moment. Well, right now I am in a bit of a lull. I conquered my huge weight loss goal – the dress fit, yay! Professionally I started at a new job this week and I’m still getting my bearings. Suddenly I found myself caught in between goals – and very much lost. I was out driving and I saw a sign for a road race that said “Life happens at the finish line!” and in my head I thought “No, inaccurate”….life is what happens on your way to the finish line and sometimes you reach this destination you’ve been driving so hard towards and it doesn’t look or feel at all like you expected it to. Sometimes it feels better than you could have imagined – sometimes you feel unfulfilled. The importance of the finish line changed during the race and now the accomplishment doesn’t hold the same significance you expected.That’s life.

The in between finish lines is where you grow, where you take what you learned from your last accomplishment and apply it to this task. I am taking the lessons I learned in losing my first 145 pounds to apply it to my next weight loss goal. I am taking every lesson I was taught in my last role (and the one before that and the one before that. LOL) and I am applying those to my new job. I’m asking questions, I’m discovering what I can bring to the company to leave it better than when I found it. I’m carving a new path that I hope to reflect fondly on some day.

If you look at life like a series of milestones then you need to be certain your day to day hustle leaves you happy and fulfilled – that “in between” goals thing is your LIFE. How does your life feel? For the past few weeks leading up to today mine felt a little empty – I need those things to keep me excited and motivate me each day. So, I decided to set a lofty series of goals, buy a clothing item to drive towards wearing then do the *Sam “write it down, make it happen” exercise. My birthday is 111 days from October 11th. I realized this serendipity at 1:11 in the afternoon and decided I need to track my #111daysofhappiness as we lead to this goal. So, the goal is 3actually 3 goals (good things always come in 3’s):

  • Hit a magic number on the scale – celebrate by wearing adorable sweater bought from New York & Company that is NOT a plus-size! I mean, it’s an 18 which is totally plus-size…but NY&Co. is a regular store. Non-fat people shop there! LOL. Said magic number has alluded me for….6 years? Ironically I was a bigger clothing size last time I hit said number than I am currently. Body composition is where it’s at baby! (muscle > fat). 😉

So cute, right?! 🙂

  • Finish my book plan and get my social media buzz up and running! Seriously can’t wait to make this a reality. I feel like I’ve got a unique voice with stories to tell that look nothing like what I’ve seen out in the world. I can’t wait to share that.
  • Lastly there is a top secret goal, which requires an evolved  version of *Sam. Right now this goal is super important to me, but I know that getting closer to it may change who I am and what I want – and that’s OK. The dream may evolve with me, or I may outgrow it. We’ll see! ❤


Stay tuned while I embrace the area in between goals also known as life. 🙂



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