This is What You Came For

I don’t usually love radio hits but the Calvin Harris/Rihanna “This is What You Came For” is one of my favorite fierce workout songs that always gets me amped up. It also reminds me of the goals I set and how reaching them IS what I came for. 😉

At the beginning of October when I set a few monthly goals I decided a long-term clothing goal would help me stay motivated through the long winter. I bought a super cute lace up sweater from New York &  Company in a size I’ve never  bought before (18!). I hung the sweater right next to my mirror so I could admire it while getting ready. I was excited to hit this goal and decided to see how far I had to go the other night before going out. Guess what? IT FIT!!! I was so excited I think I texted every girlfriend I have and then totally wore it to my dinner date. One of my gf’s reminded me I was the #goaldigger and this was what I came for-which which made me giggle.

Paparazzi style shot of my adorable top!

I’ve never hit a goal this quickly, I was beaming all night. I try not to be someone who brags and I feel guilty when I post too many selfies / share too many excited things in a row on social media. (Sidenote: isn’t it sad that in our society you feel GUILTY for sharing the good parts of your life!? Seriously). However, I posted it anyways and I was taken aback by all the sweet notes / texts / comments I received. I truly have the best support system a girl could ask for. ❤

Trying to redirect those feelings of guilt I’ve decided the people who share in my excitement and support my goals will be happy with me and the rest?  Well they don’t matter. 😉 Since I needed a January goal for my birthday I bought the same sweater in a 14 (instead of the 18 I’m wearing above). My financial planner was just thrilled about this decision, haha.

I struggle often with doubting my ability to do things I want (hitting my goal weight, finding my love, paying off my debt, buying my first place)…. This sweater is so much more than just a sweater. It’s a symbol of how I CAN do what I set my mind to.I will wear it proudly for the next few months until the smaller one currently hanging next to my mirror fits. 🙂

A great quote into keep mind:


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