Closer to Free

Closer to Free was the “Party of Five” theme song by the BoDeans. So catchy, so 90’s. “Everybody wants to live, like they wanna live and everybody wants to love, like they wanna love and everybody wants to be closer to free”. You’re bopping your head and humming right now aren’t you? 😉 I used […]

In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson became a favorite of mine in college. We did a group video project where we had to film a live musician and our friend Steve came to class and played an acoustic jack Johnson song (“Bubble Toes”) – I fell in love and bought anything Jack put out from that moment on. “In […]


One of my favorite driving songs is “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg. My brother and I often include this on our aimless driving playlists; switching singing parts depending on our mood. As I often joke he’s my ride or die it only made sense to title this post with our song. Throughout the […]

October (Goals!)

I completely forgot to post this earlier and then I couldn’t find an October song I liked so I spent 3 days waffling. <eye roll>. I settled on this one, on to goals!  September was a frenzy, I don’t even know if I’ve fully recovered! I set some important goals, let’s see how I measured […]


Transitions are funny; changing from one state or condition to another in life sometimes happens without notice, but other times there is a definitive shift and you actually feel the difference before and after. “Transitions” is also an album by Westbound Train (local Boston band Jewels introduced me to a few years back). It includes […]